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Social Media Channels

September 22, 2017
Your next new customer has changed the way they buy . . . Have you changed the way you sell?

our Next New Customer is using social media channel(s) of their choice for reasons that are important to them. For example, Facebook users generally like to keep up with family, friends and classmates. LinkedIN is popular with professionals engaged in advancing their careers or growing their business.

Discover your Next New Customers favorite social media channel and publish to it with content they will want to engage with. Each social media channel has it’s own audience type and chances are your audience is on multiple channels. So use market research, demographic usage data, social trends, hire a marketing agency or just ask your customers. They’ll tell you, in fact they love to share, sharing is the one favorite activity that is common across all social networking channels.

This post will discuss 2-free strategies including important tactics to get found online along with one critical question you need to ask to begin.