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October 13, 2017
Your next new customer has changed the way they buy . . . Have you changed the way you sell?

isruptions in business can be a tremendous opportunity but, only if you are prepared. The hard part is recognizing the disruption “before” it happens. This is not always easy because disruptions can develop slowly then seem to suddenly pop-up out of nowhere especially if we are too busy working “in” our business to serve our customers today and not investing enough time working “on” our business to serve our customers tomorrow.

Discover how you can profit from 3 different disruptions that will affect your business sooner rather than later if it hasn’t begun already.

Part-1 of this article discussed the technical disruption. In Part-2 we will cover the “Demographic Disruption” headed your way. This year 2017 marks the birthday of the middle of the Baby Boomers. This means 3 years from around 2020 a majority of the Boomers will be retirement age and begin reducing their annual spending.