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7 Critical Components Your Marketing Plan Must Have in the Digital Age, Part-6
7 Critical Components Your Marketing Plan Must Have in the Digital Age, Part-6

7 Critical Components Your Marketing Plan Must Have in the Digital Age, Part-6

Cleveland, Ohio
August 25, 2017 01:43pm | Updated: December 16, 2017 01:51pm

reate and Promote Brand Enthusiasts, they are sharing online already so why not put them to work for you? They are sharing not only for themselves but for others in their social sphere.

Everyone enjoys reveling in the success of their family and friends when they hear about a problem solved or new acquisition. Neighbors, coworkers and associates are anxious to learn from others experiences so they can make better purchasing decisions themselves. And you don’t have to go any further than the internet to find ratings, reviews and firsthand experiences on anything and everything from people you don’t even know that just want to share.

This quick read will give you a head start to “Creating and Promoting Brand Enthusiasts” to help grow your business.

Every business, professional firm and nonprofit organization is unique and requires special considerations especially when it comes to marketing in the digital age. That said, all organizations do have 7 of the exact same critical marketing components in common if they want to grow their organizations. “Creating and Promoting Brand Enthusiasts” is critical component Part-6.

Your Customers Have More Credibility Than You
Sorry it’s true, you are the expert in your field but your current and hopefully satisfied customers have more credibility about you in the eyes of your Next New Customer. When you say anything about the solution you are selling you will be seen to have a natural bias and less credible because you will benefit from the sale. Your Next New Customer wants to know how they will benefit from the purchase from an un-bias source. The good news is you are creating un-bias sources every day, your satisfied customers and they want to share.

Why Do People Share
People love to share it’s in our nature. Without sharing Facebook wouldn’t even be a thing. It’s human nature to be genuinely happy, excited even thrilled with the success of family and friends when they solve a painful problem or accomplish an important live goal. Think about all the positive feelings and emotions evoked when a family member purchased the home or car of their dreams. The social media likes and comments always follow.

Neighbors, coworkers and associates are anxious to learn about your brand experiences so they can incorporate it into their purchasing process or even share with others. I don’t have firsthand experience yet, but my friend (Insert your satisfied customers name here) said the customer service was amazing!
When they tell the internet you’ve struck gold. Next New Customers you don’t even know yet that are searching for a solution online to solve a problem or improve the quality of their lives will trust reviews and recommendations about you from people they don’t even know.

There are many other reasons people share. Some of these include but are not limited to wanting to be seen with or in a status symbol or even bragging rights for quality, durability or longevity. They could be an early adopter and simply like to be seen as a leader because they were the first one on their sphere to try, accomplish or purchase a solution.

Their Creditability Attaches to their Ratings, Reviews and Referrals
The best part is your satisfied customers credibility comes along with any ratings, reviews or referrals they provide giving you a head start on the sale. Uncle Joe said it worked for him so it has to work for me. They trust Uncle Joe and Uncle Joe trusted you so they will want to trust you.

Put Your Best Customers to Work for You
There are many way you can put your customers to work for you. A follow up questionnaire or phone call after the sale is a good place to begin. You can include Ratings questions ask for them to write a review or testimonial based on their experience.

Reward Your Enthusiasts
You want to earn honest ratings and reviews to earn and maintain your creditability. Don’t pay or otherwise compensate enthusiasts especially on social media channels. Paying for ratings and reviews is against the terms and conditions of most social media channels and you will eventually get your account banned or deleted.

You can enrich or add a special level to your offline loyalty program to ensure reorders and help promote referrals. You can also create an exclusive club with custom benefits for enthusiasts such as first look at new products or first opportunity to purchase before the general public.

You can invite your brand enthusiasts to be guest bloggers on your blog site. This accomplishes multiple important objectives. First you have a review, second you have a free blog post and when you link the post back to your enthusiasts site they now have a backlink to help them improve their search engine optimization. Make the link reciprocal to make it a win-win.

Who Are They Going to Buy from Next After They Have Publicly Promoted You?
Create and Promote Brand Enthusiasts is an offensive and defensive strategy. Even if you make a mistake on a future order they will be much more likely to forgive you if they have publicly promoted you in the recent past

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